The Keiskamma Tapestry

The Keiskamma Tapestry, an exquisite embroidery done in the tradition of the world renowned Bayeux Tapestry, tells the intricate history of the Eastern Cape Frontier. Created by over 100 women from Hamburg and neighbouring villages it represents a group interaction of understanding and relationship development in the region. Assisting them were Jackie Downs and Tanya Jordaan, South African Fine Arts graduates.

Making of the Tapestry


About the Tapestry

With funding from the National Department of Arts and Culture and over 100 private donations the tapestry managed to reach an extraordinary length of 120 meters. The Tapestry has toured extensively throughout South Africa and has been seen as homage to the people of the Eastern Cape.

The Keiskamma Tapestry now hangs in the Parliament buildings in Cape Town.

Full Length of the Tapestry

To view more images of the full length of the Keiskamma Tapestry, please visit the following link: