Abolição Oxford Capoeira in Hamburg

Abolição Oxford Capoeira in Hamburg


Tom Georgio and Johnny Hyams recently returned to formally welcome new students to the Abolição Capoeira group in Hamburg by way of the BATIZADO. This means baptism in Portuguese. New students receive their first green belts and older standing members are rewarded for their dedication with the next coloured belt.

Thank you Tom and Johnny! DYNAMO!

Credits:  Zukiswa Pakama

Abolição Oxford Capoeira in Hamburg

With the help of two British students, Tom Georgiou and Johnny Hyams, a Capoeira group was formed amongst the youth in Hamburg. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian blend of martial art, game and dance. It was begun by African slaves in Brazil in the sixteenth century, but has evolved into a very popular activity amongst youth across the globe. Msindisi Mva continues to lead his group of over twenty-strong young people. Members of the Capoeira Group have travelled around South Africa, meeting other groups and practising with experienced instructors. The Hamburg group maintains close ties with Johnny and Tom and their Capoeira group, Abolição, in Oxford. They continue to practice every day and benefit hugely from any interested visiting teachers or followers of the energetic art form.

“I started capoeira in 2002. Carol, the Keiskamma Trust’s founder, told me about the two tourists who were going to visit Hamburg. At that time she thought that they were doing something to similar to Karate with music. I found out that it was capoeira and the two guys, Johnny Hyams and Tom Georgiou, were from Abolição Oxford. They were trained by the Brazilian Contra Mestre Luis Negao. I was happy that it was something different from Karate, because I had done Karate before. I was about 20 years old. I preferred capoeira straight away because it is a mixture of martial arts and we use the whole body, also singing and playing music, and it was changing the way of thinking and the way of living. I became addicted. When you play capoeira, you are kind of reading the other one’s mind. I didn’t have that feeling with Karate. It wasn’t easy the first time we started capoeira, because we didn’t have a proper space to practice. We ended up having the hall thanks to Carol. At the beginning we were 19 members. Now we are more than 90. A lot of improvement occurred in the capoeira techniques. I like to link with Abolição groups in the world and I travelled to Brazil in 2006. From those links, I always wish to learn more about capoeira. I would like capoeira to be a more famous practice in the world.”

Msindisi Mva, ‘Tigre’ – Abolição Hamburg Capoeira group instructor

We can arrange capoeira performances or workshops for festivals, fairs, openings, and other ceremonies. Call the Capoeira secretary on +27 (0)78 194 6253, or e-mail capoeira@keiskamma.org. You can also e-mail the Capoeira instructor, Tigre: tigre@keiskamma.org. More information about Grupo Abolição at www.abolicao-trust.org